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digital disruption design

Divest | Ed

At Divest | Ed, I worked with the team to craft social media posts with a focus on disruption, collective learning, and care. Part of this was delving into how we work in this sphere, knowing that these tools are controlled by corporations that will work to stop our collective liberation at every turn. We worked to connect with all of our followers and mutuals individually, and be open and honest about our processes, thoughts, and feelings. 

All graphics designed by me. 

All copy written by me. 

I worked with Sunrise Michigan and Sunrise Ann Arbor to support water protectors, publicize governmental failures, and promote local trainings. I think that many in Sunrise are doing great work, though I have personally stepped away because I think there are extreme failures of care and values. I am more than happy to have a further conversation about this. 

graphics design

design guide creation

Broadway Green Alliance

I started a Green Captains initiative in the Boston University School of Theatre, and worked with the Broadway Green Alliance to create a design / style guide and social media toolkit for other Green Captains, both on Broadway and in colleges / universities.  

posters & programs


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